The Net Promoter Score is recognised as the gold standard for rating customer service.

Following a patient scan, we give our patient a short questionnaire and ask them how likely, on a scale of 1 to 10, they would be to recommend our scanning service to a friend or family member.

In 2020 we received direct feedback from 86% of our patients with 96% of those people scoring us 9 or 10 (and only 1% scoring us a 7 or below).

This gave us an NPS score of 95. We also ask patients what we could do to raise their score by 1 point and implement their suggestions as part of our “you said, we did” programme.

Such a high patient satisfaction score is a huge credit to our radiographers and healthcare assistants who deliver immensely high standards of care every day. By comparison, the median NPS score (according to a Survey Monkey study) is 44 and the top 25% average is 73.

One of our golden rules is to treat every patient as we want a family member to be treated and our staff are clearly delivering on this goal.