We’re in a climate emergency. It is the responsibility of all of us – individuals, companies, and governments – to do what we can to avoid the worst consequences of global heating.

Standing CT has joined with B Corps around the world to commit to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030 at the latest.

We start by measuring the Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions we’re responsible for and put plans in place to make year on year reductions to the carbon impact of our operations. This will include moving our scanning vehicles to use renewable sources of energy, both for day-to-day scanning clinics as well as the logistics of moving our mobile units between hospital sites.

We will help our travelling staff to use public transport or, where that’s not feasible, support them to use electric vehicles powered by renewable energy. We will work with our supply chain to ensure that our suppliers are making similar commitments to rapid carbon reduction.

We’re absolutely committed to reducing our carbon emissions to zero. As we systematically reduce our annual carbon emissions towards this target, we will also look to support projects proven to be carbon reducing through offsets, carbon credit and other methods. We will publish our carbon measurements and plans to reduce our CO2 emissions annually.

It is time for action. Businesses across the planet must be part of the solution from here. Please join us in the journey.