Standing CT is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Stryker UK to provide its weight-bearing CT (WBCT) mobile scanning services and scanners to hospitals across the United Kingdom.

The agreement allows Stryker to provide WBCT mobile scanning days to its NHS and Independent Sector Hospital partners in conjunction with their market-leading foot and ankle implants and Prophecy customisation tools.

Standing CT scanners from Curvebeam AI provide rapid, low-radiation 3D imaging which allows orthopaedic lower limb surgeons to see bone positioning and joint spacing in a functional, weight-bearing position.

At Standing CT we believe that better imaging equals better outcomes and our partnership with Stryker will help to open up access to game-changing WBCT technology to more UK hospitals at a time when NHS hospital budgets are stretched like never before.

Interested hospitals should contact their Stryker representative or Standing CT.