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A risk-free way to trial better technology

We provide mobile Conebeam CT services to both NHS and independent hospitals.

The mobile service lets you trial the technology and its benefits at your hospital on a sessional basis. This keeps costs down while your patients and clinicians still benefit, and you and your team can evaluate the case for purchasing your own scanner.

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Minimal set-up required:

  • Compact mobile scanning units are set up in a parking area or on an existing MRI/CT scanning bay
  • Mobile units only need access to simple 13 amp/16 amp sockets and connection to your PACS system
  • You have the flexibility to increase/decrease the number of scanning days per month as required
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What you’ll get:

  • Experienced CT radiographers to reduce pressure on your radiology departments
  • Scans pushed directly to your hospital PACS system
  • A rapid reduction in your backlog of orthopaedic CT scans and weight-bearing X-rays
  • Quicker turnaround times and a safer scan experience for your patients
  • Detailed low-radiation, 3D scan results and more information for your clinicians

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