As an established B Corp and responsible business, The Standing CT Company (SCT) takes responsibility for its impact on the environment, is committed to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030 and supports working with the wider B Corp community.

SCT believes that collaboration with other like-minded companies is essential for achieving sustainability goals and promoting environmental responsibility in the wider business community. By working with other B Corps, we can leverage their expertise and resources to create innovative solutions that reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimise our overall impact on the environment.

This blog explores the steps we have taken to improve our supply chain and reduce our carbon footprint by forming partnerships with other B Corps. We hope that our journey will inspire other companies to prioritise sustainability and work towards creating a greener future for all.

Printing – Seacourt Ltd
Although we aim to keep printing to a minimum, there are times where this is necessary to support our business processes. We use Seacourt who are an innovative and environmentally conscious printing company based in Oxford. With 75 years of experience in the industry, Seacourt has established itself as a leader in sustainable printing, using advanced technology and eco-friendly materials to minimise waste and reduce its environmental impact. The company has won numerous awards for its commitment to sustainability, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. They have been recognised as the highest scoring B Corp printing company in the world with an overall impact score of 124.3 and ranked Best for the World: Environment in 2021 and 2022.

Insurance – Centor Insurance and Risk Management Ltd
Centor Insurance and Risk Management are our insurer broker. They are an independently owned insurance broker, established in the City of London in 1973. They have been a certified B Corp for six years and were the first within their industry to do so. The company’s commitment to sustainability includes carbon neutrality, sustainable procurement, and ethical investments, making them a trusted partner for SCT and anyone seeking a responsible and sustainable insurance provider.

Cleaning Products – Delphis Eco
Delphis Eco supply us with hand sanitiser and cleaning products for our mobile scanning units. Delphis Eco are a British-based cleaning product manufacturer founded with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of cleaning products by developing effective, sustainable, and affordable alternatives. Their products are made from naturally derived, plant-based ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals such as phosphates, bleach, and chlorine. The company has also implemented sustainable manufacturing practices, such as using renewable energy sources and recycled materials. Delphis Eco were recognised as a B Corp Best for the World: Environment in 2019.

Carbon Measurement Consultants – C Level
We have been working with C Level since 2020 as part of our commitment to Carbon Balancing and Net Zero 2030. C Level help companies calculate their carbon impact and balance it with nature-based solutions. Since 2000 they have connected businesses with nature-based offset projects and explored radical ways to “change culture not climate”. C Level have been a B Corp since 2017.

Corporate Gifting – Pukka Herbs
Pukka Herbs is a British-based company that specialises in organic and herbal teas, supplements, and skincare products. The company’s mission is to create delicious and healthy products that promote well-being and support sustainable agriculture. The company is committed to minimising its environmental impact and has implemented various initiatives, such as using renewable energy sources, reducing packaging waste and supporting reforestation projects. Pukka Herbs has been a certified B Corp since 2016.

Corporate Gifting – Neom Ltd
Neom is a British-based lifestyle brand that specialises in natural and organic skincare, body care and home fragrance products. Neom’s products are made from natural and sustainable ingredients, such as essential oils, plant extracts, and minerals, and are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. To minimise its environmental impact, the company has taken several measures including the use of recycled and recyclable packaging as well as supporting reforestation projects. Neom have been a B Corp since 2022.

Steps to improvement
While we are proud of all our efforts to improve the sustainability of our supply chain, we do recognise there is more to do. We are one of only a few medical and healthcare companies that are certified B Corps, and this has an impact on our ability to source medical supplies from other certified B Corp companies. We encourage our key suppliers to become B Corps (where a B Corp alternative does not exist). We are also working with our main non-B Corp suppliers to analyse and report their carbon emissions and reduce them where possible. However, we hope that our journey will inspire other medical and healthcare companies to follow us in certifying as B Corps. We look forward to being able to say our supply chain is 100% “green”.