Our Commitments

Businesses can and should be a force for good. In our case, we can do better by the environment while making a positive impact on the lives of our patients, people and the community.

Making it official

We became a certified B Corp in 2020.

What’s a B Corp? It’s the quality accreditation which proves that a company’s ethics are more than just words. A B Corp is a company which is legally bound to consider the interests of all its stakeholders when making business decisions. It’s also one which meets the highest standards when it comes to impacts on the environment, staff and customers.


But what does it mean…?

We’re erasing our carbon footprint

We’re in a climate emergency: no business can ignore its impact on the environment. In 2020 we measured our carbon footprint and found we were responsible for 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions. And now we’re doing something about it:

1. We’re committed to reach Net Zero carbon emissions as a business by 2030 at the latest

2. We’re double offsetting our emissions while reducing our impact year on year

In 2020 and 2021, we supported Communitree, a tree planting project in Nicaragua, as well as the award winning Hazda Hunter Gatherers in Yaeda Valley to assist with forest protection. We’re members of Wild Aligned which supports Children’s Forests in the UK and Reflorastar in Portugal.

Take a look at our 2021 Carbon Report to find out more about our carbon footprint and the projects we’re part of.

NHS Carbon Reduction Plan

We want people to be proud to work for us

Our policies make it easier for our staff to be greener and happier when working for us.

We offer:

  • Subsidies for staff to switch to an ethical, green
    energy supplier
  • Extra holiday for travelling overland in Europe
  • A salary sacrifice electric vehicle scheme to help staff switch to an EV for both business and personal use
  • Paid time off for skills and time-based volunteering opportunities to better serve our communities

We treat our patients like family

We’re passionate about providing a great service to our patients. We’ve always followed the golden rule of treating our patients the way we’d want our loved ones to be treated – and we’re incredibly proud that it works.

Find out more about how we track our patients’ feedback.

B Corp Annual Impact Reports

Our B Corp Impact Reports tell the story of everything we’re doing – and want to do – to continue being a
force for good.

Standing CT B Corp Annual Impact Report 2022-23

Standing CT B Corp Annual Impact Report 2021-22

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