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Clinician scanning patient’s wrist

Faster, safer, 3D weight-bearing scans and better outcomes for patients.

Standing CT provides low-radiation, 3D imaging scanners for orthopaedics. We’re the only suppliers of mobile weight-bearing CT scanning in the UK.

Our technology:

  • provides detailed, accurate and 3D images for clinicians
  • uses conebeam CT for faster and safer scans for patients
  • takes images from hip to toe as well as upper limbs
  • shows the impact of a patient bearing their own bodyweight

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Doing good in healthcare to do well in business

Our approach as a healthcare supplier – improving experiences for patients, providing leading-edge technology for clinicians, and working in partnership with our customers – is driving our business forward.

Having ethics at our core makes us sustainable, and we want other healthcare providers to follow our example.

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